Mr Underwood: Build Your Own Light-Controlled “Noise Box” (Practical Workshop)

Mr.Underwood is a musician, sound artist and instrument designer. As well as being an accomplished music producer and live performer Mr.Underwood is often found working on a variety of leftfield projects, from setting up elaborate field recordings, to building obscure mechanical musical instruments.

He has an almost unhealthy fascination with sound, often being distracted by a squeaky shoe or the sound of the ventilation system when he should be concentrating on something else. Mr.Underwood also can’t help but twist the uses of objects, to find new ways of creating sound and interfaces with instruments and technology. A hacker at heart. He can be found popping up in various guises at gigs, events and lectures.

Mr. Underwood’s session will involve the construction of a sci-fi electronic drone instrument whose pitch and tone oscillation can be controlled with gesture. Create your very own 3 oscillator Optical Theremin from scratch, under the instruction of Mr Underwood. Participants should bring a suitable empty plastic or wood case or box to house the instrument.

Read more about Mr Underwood on his website.