Robert Clouth: The Recontextualistion And Repurposing Of Information (Software Masterclass)

Robert Clouth aka Vaetxh has made rapidly established a reputation at the cutting edge of electronic music in recent times. Part programmer, part sonic researcher and very much a musician to boot, heads have turned and eardrums shattered upon contact with his visceral works. Robert’s session will focus on his experiments with the recontextualisation of information to produce unpredictable and often surprising results.

Data and information are not the same. They are both symbols, but data only becomes information when those symbols are used to refer to something. In other words, data is information stripped of its context. An audio stream is information, but take it out of context and it becomes just a stream of numbers. This raw data stream can now be interpreted into almost any form you can think of, whether it’s as a video stream, parameters to a physics simulation, or even released into the real world as light, or—if the stream is slowed to a crawl—as the seed to a continuous game of Telephone. In these new domains, the audio stream can be modified just like data native to that domain. As a video for example, frame effects can be applied to the audio stream (motion blur or inverted colours for example); as a physics simulation, the audio is given mass and body allowing it to be blown by digital wind and effected by gravity changes; as light, lenses and coloured filters can modify the sound; as a game of Telephone, human error will mutate it as the data packet works its way down the line of people. Then all you need to do is re-interpret the modified data stream back into audio, and you can hear the effect.